Geoportal is a website that provides access to resources and services connected with spatial data. The spatial data is data relating directly or indirectly to a specific location or geographic area.
The number of geoportals grows rapidly, but due to the fact that the society requires that the resources (data) contained in the geoportal were up-to-date and the public e-services effective and user-friendly, only few of them will stand the test of time.
Geoportals built by us are based on the cadastral nodes, that is data collected directly from the database EGiB (land and buildings registration) which is run by counties.
EGiB data is made available in the public mode (taking into consideration the Data Protection Act) and in the non-public mode.
Many districts have decided to make public not only the cadastral data but also some data of the basic map which is still updated in the district documentation centres.
Sharing this data in our technology does not require any additional steps. They are taken directly from the databases included in the National Surveying and Cartographic Resource Centre (PZGiK).
Many districts (apart from stores made available from PZGiK) place in the geoportal a lot of additional spatial data such as address database, land use plans, property for sale, roads, hydrography, cemeteries, transport...

Services provided by geoportals built in our technology are not only simple services of level 1. or 2. (looking for an address or a parcel), they are the highest level services which enable:

  • surveying contractors services:
    • reporting on the work with automatic obtaining a number of the reported work
    • looking through the store of the reported work including ordering documents
    • sending files by a surveyor
    • receiving and sending messages to have an agreement on surveying work
    • make electronic payments which allow automatically to download some data from the store
  • an automatic control made by bailiffs, the presence of a person in the EGiB database, a submission of an application form and making a payment in the event of a presence of the person
  • making some comments related to the spatial location.

Geoportal has been designed to work on smartphones – the map’s service works using gestures. Besides, the smartphone has an option of localizing thanks to the built-in GPS.

Services provided by other geoportals can be linked to the county geoportals (eg. orthophotomap from the, OpenStreetMap, GoogleStretView) which are also the foundation of creating new geoportals (provincial, national, trade) using services provided by the county geoportals (cadastral nodes). To cut a long story short, they are part of the INSPIRE Directive.