National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Databases of spatial data within the competencies of the state geodetic and cartographic services

Cadastral information presented against the background of the ortho-photomap and administrative borders enable getting acquainted with the geodetic and cartographic resource, being held by the geodetic and cartographic documentation centres.

Access to public information

As regards access to information in public mode (in restricted scope) we can provide the following topics:
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Access to protected information

crt Install the certificate
To get access to information in encrypted (encoded) mode, an SSL certificate needs to be installed, only once
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Data location server
The data location server is in fact a server of basic information about location of specific services and WWW websites.
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Installation of SSL certificate
Protection of data exchanged via WWW websites is possible due to the exchange of certificates between WWW servers.
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Scope of implementation
Implementation of the system has been made in five districts/counties, located in four provinces (voivodships):
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History of the web

2008-11-06 service in the new scene

Scene of the GEOPORTAL 2 web site

Sending the plan of tests of the performed work to GUGiK

The system is inaccessible (reconstruction)